Schedule of Events
  1. 3:45 - 4 PM
    Raffle Prizes, Shopping and Wrap-up
    Growing Great Gardens Wrap-up and Closing
  2. 2:15-3:45 PM
    Closing Keynote Speaker, Kerry Ann Mendez
    KERRY ANN MENDEZ Acclaimed Garden Designer Author of “The Right-Sized Garden”
    Heavenly Plants for Hellstrips. If you live in the suburbs, you know what we are talking about...those challenging little spaces of real estate between the sidewalk and the street—the Hellstrip! Landscaping these sites can be an exasperating exercise. This presentation features superhero plants that thrive in dry shade; hot, sandy locations; can compete with tree roots, in wet areas and...are low deer browse, too! No matter where you place these plants, they will enhance your hellstrip and make it look heavenly beautiful.
  3. 1-2:00 PM
    The Dirt on Soil Science, Dr. Laura Deeter
    DR. LAURA DEETER Ohio State University Professor
    Don’t Run, Don’t’s not your high school science class! Plants have to live in the environment we call soil and yet the science behind it seems complicated, full of chemistry and words that bring back nightmares from high school—Cation exchange, pH, buffering..oh my! But, a basic understanding of how soils interact with plants can help us understand WHY plants do what they do, and HOW we can grow our gardens better. Dr. Deeter promises you will understand, laugh a lot and “dig” this class!
  4. 11:45-12:30 PM
    Optional ‘Lunch and Learn’ with Dr. Laura Deeter
    Note: This presentation is available for an additional $10 and is open only to participants who have pre-paid in advance. Space is limited and first come, first served. Presentation is in the Ray Mix Room, where you’ll pick up your box lunch as well.
    The Proof is in the Pollinators: We all know that the latest “buzz-word” in gardening circles is pollinators. What are they, why are they important and how can we attract more of them to our gardens? Come meet a few pollinators, discover their favorite plants and see what we can do as gardeners and citizens to help preserve, protect and in-crease their habitat.
  5. 10:45-11:45 AM
    Foodscaping Revolution, Brienne Gluvna Arthur
    BRIENNE GLUVNA ARTHUR Horticulturalist/Author Foodscaping Revolution Ways to Include Food & Beauty In Your Garden
    Finding a Better Way to include Food and Beauty in Your Garden. Learn how to transform an ordinary landscape into a bountiful, organic oasis! Foodscaping is a design technique that embraces the heritage of home gardening while developing a new level of sophistication for modern day living. Brie focuses on ways to extend horticultural relevance in the American society and is proud to see plants become recognized for all of the attributes they represent: beauty, ecology, health, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle. Brie will share her favorite ornamental and edible plants for creating a low maintenance and beautiful Foodscape.
  6. 9-10:30 AM
    Opening Keynote Speaker, Kerry Ann Mendez
    KERRY ANN MENDEZ Acclaimed Garden Designer Author of “The Right-Sized Garden” Put Your Garden on AutoPilot Right Size
    The Right Size Garden. Today, the reality of a “bigger is better” garden no longer holds the same allure as a “small is beautiful” one. Do you feel overwhelmed by the needs of your garden? What to do? Learn to make smarter use of the space you have and the plants you select. Kerry will share her successful recipe for having a garden we can manage and love again...the right-size, low maintenance, drought tolerant garden. Learn how to ditch 50% of the work by choosing high-value plants and making simple design changes.’ll learn which plants to switch out, which ones aren’t worth the effort, and which tools and practices will take the “chore” out of gardening and bring back the love!
  7. 8 -9:00 AM
    Registration, Networking & Shopping
    Coffee, tea, and pastries will be provided by Tim Hortons.
    Come early, meet your friends and neighbors and enjoy all of the wonderful local vendors!